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Date: 09/20/2023
Gaining empathy through trauma is the gateway to a better life in this emotional and haunting true story, which features a young man who learns how to stay resilient despite the most horrific abusive family...
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Date: 09/05/2023
What does it mean to be enlightened and, what does it mean for you? Have you bought into the idea that enlightenment is only reserved for ascetics wearing white robes, hidden away in Himalayan caves?...
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Rosa Mystica by Joseph Barbaccia

Date: 09/05/2023
We are in a rigged fight! The fix is in. The winner has already been selected many years ago. Who is that winner? It's you! However, you must have the correct weapon to win. What...
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Ensured: The Journey of Life 1st Edition by Nelsa Figueiredo Da Silva

Date: 07/28/2023
The wise never despises good Knowledge and the right advise. See yourself to the next level & be ready to open yourself to discover the truth in bettering your destiny. This book dedicated to anyone...
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Date: 06/06/2023
A 30 day devotional for those who desire to be transformed and become more fruitful in their Christian growth.  There is a sad lack of maturity in the church world today.  Whether it is because...
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Poems To Make You Blink by David Peter Swan Swan

Date: 05/21/2023
Poems To Make You Blink is a reflection of a ten-year spiritual and not-so-spiritual period in my life. It is not all my life. Just a period. It spans a Silent Retreat through the Sahara...
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Date: 04/28/2023
Loneliness Dissolved by Alec Alpert is a thought-provoking book exploring loneliness's complex nature. The author draws from firsthand experiences and insights from Eastern and Western traditions to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the...
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Date: 04/22/2023
"A book to go from the limitations we believe we have, to the greatness of what we really are.""The rebellion of a buddha is a process of transformation. Not only will you understand that the...
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In Love We Speak by David Neil Irvin

Date: 03/02/2023
In love we speak. Angels communicate and our loved ones, who have passed to the greater life, for there is no death. Through thoughts and memories our loved ones connect to us, they are closer...
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Date: 02/14/2023
How often do you beat yourself up, telling yourself that you're not enough? Give yourself a break, stop the constant self-criticism, and embrace the power of self-compassion.Picture waking up each day feeling kind and understanding...
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