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NO ONE DIES FROM LOVE by Chelsey Winchell

Have you ever looked back and wondered what went wrong? From consuming love to instant heartbreak, we often dissect every aspect of a relationship to figure out where such a life-altering shift occurred. With a life turned upside down after her husband’s brutal betrayal, Chelsey Marie picks up her pen to discover her own truth. In No One Dies From Love, she crafts a beautifully raw collection of poems as she journeys through love, betrayal, heartbreak, and renewal. She spirals through memories, lies, and possessions to find herself again and claim her new identity. As each poem reveals, she learns about an inner strength, long dormant, that allows her to forge a new trajectory for her future self, her future life, and her future happiness. Through her eloquent and descriptive prose, Chelsey Marie shows us that we can be strong and flawed, vulnerable and deserving. Her poetry dissects the evolution of a failed relationship and all that was gained through its loss.
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