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Jane In The Jungle by NORMA GROCHOWSKI


"Quiet newspaper reporter by day, butt-kicking vigilante by night, Sadie must hide her identity from the police as she tries to help them catch a serial rapist. When she falls for a police detective, things become even more complicated. Readers who enjoy a bit of romance with their police procedurals will enjoy Jane in the Jungle." 

Readers who enjoy a bit of romance with their police procedurals will enjoy Jane in the Jungle.

Sadie Peterson works as a reporter at the New York Times.  Her dream is to cover politics or an intriguing corruption story that will captivate her readers, but her editor has her writing recipes and an occasional inspirational tale.

When her boss finally assigns her the story that could make her career, Sadie can't turn it down.  There is a vigilante protecting women from rape and assault across the city.  What her boss doesn't know is, Sadie is the vigilante.

A victim of assault herself, Sadie knows the mental torment and the hurt an attack can cause a woman–that's what led her to the path of vigilantism.

With firsthand knowledge of the attacks, her readers love her stories, and soon everyone in the city wants to know who the vigilante is, even the police.

The city has a serial killer. And when Sadie goes up against him, she barely escapes with her life. Soon after, the killer turns his sights on Sadie and starts killing women that look like her.

The young and handsome Alex Russo is one of the detectives on the serial killer case. Alex is also assigned to find out who the vigilante is and arrest her.  After Sadie's attack, she and a woman in a coma are the only women who can identify the serial killer.  Unwise of who Sadie is, Alex is assigned to protect her and falls for her.

Can Sadie hide her identity from the police, the killer, and her fans?  Read Jane in the Jungle and find out.

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