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Hated math in school, but know that it must have its uses? Daunted by the idea of calculations? Or simply sick and tired of the mundane sorting of information you're asked to do in your job?
You need Excel Formulas and Functions 2021—The Intermediate Level!

  • A quick overview of the basic structures of Microsoft Excel
  • How to format and present your information in eye-catching ways
  • The key functions to help you avoid complex calculations

And much, much more!
With the most up-to-date information on Microsoft Excel, Excel Formulas and Functions 2021—The Intermediate Level can guide you from disaster to master in a matter of days. So, why wait any longer? Take this opportunity to improve your productivity, efficiency, and financial understanding.

  • How and why to visualize your data
  • Easy shortcuts for a household budget
  • The way to determine if a loan is affordable

… along with many more tips and tricks to make your Excel learning journey a quickly progressing pleasure, not a torturous purgatory.

With step-by-step worked examples included to guide your way and sample exercises with solutions to get hands-on practice, this book is the complete package to have you excelling with Excel in no time.
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