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‘Corrupted By Power’ by John Parker


Mark Steer was abducted at birth by a cabal of the richest, most ruthless, and powerful men in the entire world. Following this, and on the instructions of these ‘Uncles’, he is individually mentored and educated by some of the best brains around the globe. They have only one interest in him - to become the future Prime Minister of Great Britain, and to do their bidding.

Years later and with England in total chaos thanks to his uncle's machinations, Mark seizes the opportunity, under their guidance, to create a brand new company. This makes him so popular throughout the United Kingdom, that vast swathes of the general public clamour for him to become their next Prime Minister.

The book charts Mark’s rise to power and his anguish as he attempts to juggle a new found social conscience, against his uncles' increasing demands for him to become Prime Minister, under their total authority.

A captivating political thriller with a twist, and a story that will undoubtedly come true one day, if it hasn’t already.

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