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Strengthen your marriage and reconnect with God with this simple guided system...


Are you struggling to prioritize your marriage in a world that demands more than ever from your time and attention?


Do you feel like life's daily demands and interruptions are too much to handle as a couple?


You're not alone.


Marriage can feel like a rollercoaster, with ups and downs that you and your partner navigate together. With someone beside you in the passenger seat, the uncertainties that lie ahead are made more manageable.


Yet individual obligations, worries, and fears can make finding time to open up and reconnect with one another and God feel impossible.


In the busy modern world, it's easier than ever to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and disconnected from your spouse.


But it doesn't have to be this way.


Many couples have been where you are and learned how to embrace one another more tightly, love more intensely, and trust more implicitly than ever before.


In fact, just by landing where you are right now, you've already taken the first step down the path to creating a more open and devoted connection.


Setting aside just one hour each week to work through each topic will ensure real progress, as you make the conscious decision to dedicate time and energy to build a Christ-centered marriage with your spouse as your family grows.


In Christian Marriage Devotional for Couples, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:


      52 weekly studies that provide spiritual insights and practical applications to use in your day-to-day life

      Unique scripture selections for topics such as handling conflict, discussing finances, and accepting help from one another

      The secret to maintaining physical intimacy -- and how you can incorporate it naturally into your routine

      How to find God in the everyday and embrace His decisions, even when they seem impossible to understand

      Thought provoking discussion questions that will help you assess your own relationship with God and family as you progress through the year

      Weekly prayers designed to keep you and your spouse actively engaged in your spiritual practices

      How to overcome unfaithfulness without breaking, even when it feels like it’s the last thing you can possibly manage

      Simple, practical action steps that will guide you on your journey to rediscovering love and joy in your marriage while raising your children with the Word of God


And much more.


No matter what season of life you and your partner find yourselves in, it's never too early or too late to experience more love and fulfillment in your relationship.


From adjusting to life as newlyweds to refocusing on a growing family, you'll find practical guidance and inspiration useful at any stage of marriage.

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