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Bipolar Feelings by Sophie Rose Peters


Those of us with bipolar know the full range of feelings that flow through us from low to high. Being able to know what these feelings are and having some insight into what they are communicating to us is what this book is all about.

While some personal anecdotes are shared for colour and relevance to the topic, the focus is often on the reader. There is an invitation to being open to feelings, to practice skill in dealing with them and to live well alongside them. Feelings make demands on us and we can let them strengthen instead of weaken us. I hope that reading this book is of use in this respect to the reader.

Sophie Rose Peters is an artist and a writer. She has written many books (this is her tenth) including Bipolar, Getting Well And Creating Meaning and The Reflective Artist. She loves to help others in their creative, spiritual and psychological explorations.

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